Thursday, December 22, 2011

Warmist Overpeck writes to Jones/Trenberth/Mann/Solomon/Santer about the "get rid of the warm medieval period" email; he's worried that Deming may be "taking the quote out of context"

2008 ClimateGate email

Hi Phil, Kevin, Mike, Susan and Ben - I'm looking for some IPCC-related advice, so thanks in advance. The email below recently came in and I googled "We have to get rid of the warm medieval period" and "Overpeck" and indeed, there is a person David Deeming that attributes the quote to an email from me. He apparently did mention the quote (but I don't think me) in a Senate hearing. His "news" (often with attribution to me) appears to be getting widespread coverage on the internet. It is upsetting.

I have no memory of emailing w/ him, nor any record of doing so (I need to do an exhaustive search I guess), nor any memory of him period. I assume it is possible that I emailed w/ him long ago, and that he's taking the quote out of context, since know I would never have said what he's saying I would have, at least in the context he is implying.

Any idea what my reaction should be? I usually ignore this kind of misinformation, but I can imagine that it could take on a life of it's own and that I might want to deal with it now, rather than later. I could - as the person below suggests - make a quick statement on a web site that the attribution to me is false, but I suspect that this Deeming guy could then produce a fake email. I would then say it's fake. Or just ignore? Or something else?

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