Thursday, December 29, 2011

Warmists Mann and Cullen point us to an article that claims the planet has "gone from angry to totally pissed off"

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  change and social entrepreneurship - trending topics in 2012? CSR/Jeffrey Hollender take a look:

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2011 in Retrospect, Part IV: What's Ahead for 2012

While U.S. insurance losses in 2011 due to weather-related disasters will top records, this is just the beginning: Fukushima and Irene were a warm-up exercise for a planet that has gone from angry to totally pissed off.
Climate Change: Up; Turmoil: Way Up
In 2012, we will see Mother Earth take continued revenge at the tail end of an industrial revolution that failed to recognize the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Button down your supply chains and buy a generator, because 2012 will change – at long last – the way we in the U.S. think about and act on global climate change.


Anonymous said...

they are absolutely right about needing a generator. the new EPA rules in the name of Global Warming are going to cause massive power outages. It isn't Mother Earth that will cause the problems, but Big Brother

Hugh K said...

" a generator..."

Gas, diesel or coal?

Dr. Killpatient said...

My generator runs on Styrofoam.