Sunday, January 15, 2012

Email 4763, June 2008: Michael Mann wants to highlight "how critical [Phil Jones'] efforts have been to developments in areas such as [Detection and Attribution]"

Email 4763

I'm trying to underscore the diverse areas where you've made major contributions, and I think its well known and obvious to many that two of these are instrumental data and paleoclimate reconstructions. But it occurs to me that it is equally important to stress your work in detection of anthropogenic impacts on climate w/ both models and observations. For example, your early Nature papers w/ Wigley. in '80 and '81 seem to be among the earliest efforts to try to do this (though I don't have copies of the papers, so can't read them!), and that seems very much worth highlighting to me. My suggestion is that you add a category on "Anthropogenic Climate Signal" detection and include this work (say, 8 or so of the key papers in this area including the two early Nature one's w/ Wigley) as well as some of your later work w/ Santer/Tett/Thorne/Hegerl/Barnett. I realize that most of your work in this area isn't as primary author, but I do think it would be helpful to show this side of your research, and I'd like to incorporate that into my nomination letter (i.e. how critical your efforts have been to developments in areas such as [Detection and Attribution])."

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