Monday, January 23, 2012 – Political Activists Gagging Our TV Meteorologists on Climate Issues | Watts Up With That?

UPDATE: 1/23/12 11AMPST Exposed – is a George Soros funded activist website. See details below.

Blizzard in northern Israel shuts down Hermon ski resort

Army Radio reported over a meter of snow.

What did you do when you were 14? [This girl was brainwashed into believing that small amounts of CO2 cause bad weather]

“No matter what part of the world you’re from, little things you do affect the Antarctic, and what affects the Antarctic today will affect the world tomorrow,” says the budding explorer.

“Global warming and melting glaciers will have damaging effects on the planet without exception to any individual or country,” she adds. Her proud father, Mac, now feels that that more children should be encouraged to participate in such expeditions.

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There's a ski resort in Israel?