Friday, February 03, 2012

Hayhoe on left-wing radio compares CO2 to "a tiny grain of the most deadly poison in the world"; D.R. Tucker claims that the climate realist movement is "intellectually dead"

The Green Front - 2/1/12 - The Green Front - Progressive Radio Network

[her segment starts at the 5:50 mark] The scientist whose chapter on climate change got dumped by Newt Gingrich - the candidate who wants to colonize the moon - will talk about that experience. Katherine Hayhoe, atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech and author of "A Climate For Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith Based-Decisions", has been in the national news for weeks.

At the 14:30 mark, Hayhoe says: "If you think that humans aren't big enough to affect the planet, all you have to do is look at the pollution in the air you can see it with your own eyes! If you think that carbon dioxide doesn't make up enough of the atmosphere to have an impact, well what would happen if you took a tiny grain of the most deadly poison in the world? It might be so small you couldn't see it, but it would be enough to kill your entire body, which is much bigger!"

At the 28:25 mark, the host refers to Marc Morano as "Marc Moronic".

At the 31:10, D.R. Tucker says that Morano went after him, and "whatever he [Morano] is for, politically, I am against...Any ideology that tolerates that sort of behavior is a movement or an ideology that is intellectually dead as opposed to science, which is intellectually alive."


Anonymous said...

One of the deadliest poisons in the world is routinely used for cosmetic purposes - Botox treatment. Perhaps quantity does matter ...

Anonymous said...

A atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech? WOW!!!! They definitely need more of these!

Shrinque said...

I wonder what Miss Hayhoe would think about putting small amounts of violent explosives in one's body, e.g., nitroglycerine.