Friday, February 10, 2012

Michael "Robust Debate" Mann appears at his own college; but fails to take live questions from the audience

You evidently had to submit questions in writing, after which they were screened in some undisclosed way.  I attended a James Hansen appearance in Minnesota where he ducked tough questions in the same way.

Mann discusses climate change and critics - The Daily Collegian Online

Penn State professor Michael Mann addressed climate change and global warming at the Penn State Forum Speaker Series.

The event was held at The Penn Stater and included lunch for more than 300 attendees before the program — which , said was modeled after the National Press Club — commenced.

Interim Executive Vice President and Provost Robert Pangborn introduced Mann, noting many of Mann’s accomplishments and credentials. Some of the credentials included winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize that Mann shared with other authors of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Scientific Assessment Report in 2001 . Pangborn also emphasized how there is a significant amount of climate researching at Penn State.

“Mann is at the front,” he said.

...“I find it chilling that science is now a political football in an increasingly rancorous public discourse,” Mann said.

A Q-and-A session followed Mann’s speech. While most of the questions centered on Mann’s research and the criticism surrounding it, a few asked Mann to address the political aspects of the climate wars.

...Mann called himself a “reluctant warrior in the climate wars,” but embraces his role, and said he could think of no greater purpose than to assist in public outreach on the issue.

[Patty Satalia, senior producer for Penn State University Outreach], who had been reading the questions submitted by the audience to Mann, closed the program by reading a comment: “Thank you for a great lecture and thank you to the coal industry for free advertising.”


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should compile a simple list of 10-15 of the tough questions in a non-confrontational manner and hand them over to a prominent journalist in the good graces of Big Alarmism like Revkin to present to Michael Mann. He could answer them and Revkin could publicize those answers for all the world to see. Frankly, I don't know why Revkin never asks Big Alarmism the tough questions on his own, but then, today's journalism is more like a fake news infomercial for a cleaning product than real investigative journalism.

Anonymous said...

Here's what Revkin likely thinks is a tough question.

Revkin: "Dr. Mann, do you have the data that supports your conclusions?"

Mann: "Yes."

Revkin: "Thanks, Dr. Mann. Another big score for Climate Science against the deniers."

Jim Pettit said...

Given limited time for Q&A, Mann apparently didn't want to have to spend hours teaching remedial climate science to denialists in attendance who were likely asking questions along the lines of, "My grandpa says climate change is a scam because the planet hasn't warmed in 15 years and even if it did it's not from CO2 and even if it is it's not from us and even if it is it's not as bad as they say and even if it is it will be good for us, so can you tell us how a climate change could possibly be real if Al Gore bought a bug house in California?"

Tom said...


If you're going to sum up my side's arguments that way, let me summarize your side's case this way: "Sometimes the weather is bad. Therefore, you must give up your money and your freedom".

Hugh K said...

"Patty Satalia, senior producer for Penn State University Outreach..."

'Outreach' must be a new term for hall monitor.