Tuesday, March 27, 2012

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Physicist William Happer: Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again

William Happer: Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again  WSJ.com 3/26/12

The observed response of the climate to more CO2 is not in good agreement with predictions.

Citing Chapter and Verse: Which Scripture Is the Right One? - NYTimes.com

The topic this past Sunday on the show “Up w/ Chris Hayes” (MSNBC) was the statistical correlation between deniers of global warming and religious believers.

Australian Prime Minister Gillard clings determinedly to foundering carbon tax | JunkScience.com

Despite the Queensland state election rout, Julia Gillard remains adamant that the carbon tax will be ‘implemented exactly as legislated’.

Rational Environmenalism « the Air Vent

Do you avoid eating meat? – Oh hell no. That’s crazy. Eat what you like and live your life. Cow farts do nothing ‘damaging’ to the environment and the very concept is ludicrous to the point of stupidity.

Do you avoid using paper? – No way! It is a farming industry like corn.

Do you build a solar powered home? No again. The cells take a lot of energy to make and are often dirty. They also cost more than the energy they make. Why? Well if you want to do it, sure, but there is little reason. Wait 20 years and we will all change our minds.

Do you build a more efficient home? Sure, if you have the option, this is cheap and saves cash. Insulation, smart design, can all lead to improved lifestyle and save money. Smart stuff.

Do you buy energy efficient lighting? Sometimes it makes sense, others, it does not. If you heat your house around the clock, the old light emitting incandescent heatball, is hard to beat for efficiency.

What about a green clothes dryer? No way. Water requires a certain amount of energy to evaporate. Use the power.

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