Monday, April 16, 2012

ABC warmist Bill Blakemore on "Crimes Against Humanity"

Climate Canard No. 1: A ‘Crime Against Humanity’ (and the Central Fear About Global Warming) - ABC News

...others who promote this canard are accused by widely respected scientists and journalists of knowingly promoting it and other misleading thoughts about manmade global warming, and thus of being guilty of “a crime against humanity.”

“Crimes Against Humanity” is a category of culpability that found currency in the last century as a label for such atrocities as genocide, including the Nazi Holocaust.

This is a grave accusation, laden with great emotion, but it has not been made lightly — rather with extensive study and forethought.

One of the world’s most widely respected climatologists, James Hansen, director of NASA-GISS, which focuses on the study of earth’s climate for the space agency, testified to Congress in 2008 that the CEOs of fossil fuel companies (who, according to various professional reporting have been promoting this and other misleading messages about global warming in conjunction with ideological groups trying to prevent government regulation) “knew what they were doing” and, as stated in his written testimony to Congress in 2008, were guilty of “high crimes against humanity and nature.”

Hansen tells ABC News — in a phone call from the U.K. where he’s been traveling — that he used that highly charged phrase, crime against humanity, “not only for dramatic effect, but also because it is accurate, given the enormous scale of the consequences to humanity” if manmade global warming is not somehow stopped and reversed.

“It wasn’t only aimed at the fossil fuel CEOs,” Hansen added on the phone. “This also applies to politicians who pretend the global warming is not manmade.”


Anonymous said...

as far as i know the world population is growing in numbers, size and wealth

Ken & Carol said...

Can this guy be sued for malpractice?

pyeatte said...

I have always asked for proof of significant AGW and all one gets is hand-waving and smoke-screens, with conclusions based on doctored data and suppression of critics.