Saturday, April 07, 2012

It's all so confusing: As the people of the Maldives allegedly face CO2-induced death, they're also building a huge new airport and spending $500 mllion on a complex that includes an 18-hole floating golf course?

Architects’ answer to rising seas: Floating homes

The Thai capital is also among the mega coastal cities projected by the end of this century to lie totally or partially under water as global warming boosts sea levels, according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Others include Tokyo, London, Jakarta, Sydney and Shanghai—an apocalyptic prospect of mass migrations and economic crises.

...In the Maldives, Waterstudio has designed a network of floating islands, the first to be put in place next year, to accommodate hotels, a convention center, yacht club and villas.

The “islands,” secured by steel cables, are made up of pontoons with a foam core encased in concrete that can be joined together like Lego blocks. An 18-hole golf course will also be set on such platforms, each with two to three holes, connected by underwater tunnels.

The $500-million project, paid for by the Maldivian government and private investors, is set for completion in 2015.

Mar. 2012:  Triumph, Tragedy And Climate Change: ‘The Island President’ | ThinkProgress

When asked by a reporter what was his plan B, should there be no action to slow global warming, Nasheed responds, “We will die.”

2010: Maldives Plans For Drowning By Building Huge New Airport Next To The Ocean | Real Science

They are obviously really worried about global warming and sea level rise and any other way to scam money out of stupid bankrupt western governments.

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