Wednesday, May 02, 2012

California Crop Weather: temperatures boost plant growth | Orchard Crops content from Western Farm Press

Above average temperatures aided the maturation progress for wheat....Warmer soil temperatures benefited corn and cotton...Grape and kiwi vines grew fast as temperatures increased.

Wind farm scam a huge cover-up | The Australian

[Delingpole] ONE of the great popular misconceptions about climate-change sceptics such as Ian Plimer, Bob Carter, Cardinal George Pell and me is that we're all Big-Oil-funded, Gaia-ravaging, nature-hating emissaries of Satan. We can't look at a lovely pristine beach, apparently, without praying for a nice, juicy oil slick to turn up and wipe out all the pelicans and turtles and sea otters.

But this isn't actually true. I love our beautiful planet at least as much as your $180,000-a-year (for a three-day week) climate commissioner Tim Flannery does.

Permit glut sparks talk of ‘carbon central bank’ | EurActiv

Analysts say that any one-off EU clearing of the massive glut of carbon permits now clogging the Emissions Trading System (ETS) is likely to lead to a ‘central bank' or other policy tool to manage future imbalances.

EU firms use 254.6 mln UN offsets to meet 2011 caps

Installations covered by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme surrendered 254.6 million U.N.-backed offsets for compliance in 2011, nearly double the amount handed in last year, data released by the European Commission showed on Wednesday.

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