Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Digging into Climate Change, Students Find Much More | Climate Central

After a local newspaper reported a front-page news story of the Wicomico County schools' field trip to Assateague, readers accused the teachers of "brainwashing the kids with biased information" that climate change is occurring. "That hurt," Rowe said. "We are really trying to expose them to both sides so that they can make their own decision about what to think."...

Buhr disagrees with efforts that allow kids to make their own decisions about established scientific conclusions. "We don't ask students in science class to make up their own minds over whether they believe in photosynthesis or if the earth is round," she said. "Why would we be doing that here?"

Twitter / omnologos: Green policy: the marriage

Green policy: the marriage made in hell between elitist anti-humanist lefties and rent-seeking capital-hoarding monopolists.

Negotiate a world carbon [dioxide hoax scam] price signal, now | EurActiv

[Stéphane Dion and Éloi Laurent] Governments would be free to invest, as they see fit, revenues from the carbon emission levy and from the corresponding elimination of fossil energy subsidies. For example, they could invest in research and development in clean energy, public transportation, etc. They could also choose to address social inequalities with respect to access to energy.

Developed countries would be required to set aside part of their revenues to help developing countries introduce mitigation, adaptation and carbon sink creation policies (the latter through reforestation, for example). The contributions of individual developed countries would be based on what their respective GHG emissions represent relative to the total emissions of all developed countries.

This international agreement would allow countries to levy border taxes on products from countries that have not established a carbon price signal in accordance with the international standard. The message would be clear to all large GHG emitters: if you do not levy a carbon price on your products before exporting them, other countries will do it for you – and will keep the resulting revenue. It will be in each country’s interest to comply with the international agreement, to levy a carbon price on its own emissions, and to use the resulting revenue as it sees fit.

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