Thursday, May 03, 2012

Frozen Cows Turn Quaint Cabin Into Slaughterhouse -

The U.S. Forest Service has decided to use hand saws to hack up the icy carcasses of a small herd of cows that wandered into a federal forest this winter and died.

Just Because Windmills Don't Cause Global Warming Doesn't Mean They Don't Suck - Hit & Run :

The irony that a cure for global warming is actually causing global warming might be too good to be true. But what is true is that had wind energy not been powered by crony capitalism, it would have been long ago blown away by the gales of destruction unleashed by its more viable competitors.

Energy Tribune- Global Warming Did Not Eat Your Life

From her story it appears that Ms. Zuboff has indeed been a victim but not of global warming, but of the indoctrination of the environmental movement. She says “Now I know that no one of us can keep our children safe”. That is a lesson that humanity learned a long, long time ago, long before there was any talk about global warming. Nature has always been a threat to our well being and it always will be. She an her family were the tragic victims of a random act of nature and no amount of going green, carbon taxes or government regulation could have stopped it. Global warming did not eat here life; nature did, just as it always has.

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