Thursday, May 17, 2012

Opinion piece at the New York Times suggest that we can prevent catastrophic weather by adjusting our eating habits

Less Meat, Less Global Warming -

...few people take the role of livestock in producing greenhouse gases seriously enough. Even most climate change experts focus on new forms of energy — which cannot possibly be effective quickly enough or produced on a broad enough scale to avert what may be the coming catastrophe — and often ignore the much easier fix of adjusting our eating habits.

It’s good that we’re eating somewhat less meat, but it still amounts to something just shy of  a staggering 200 pounds per person per year. And no matter how that number changes domestically, on the world scale there’s troubling movement in the wrong direction. Meat consumption in China is now twice what it is in the United States (in 1978 it was only one-third).

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Anonymous said...

Amazxing isnt it that they still cling to the idea that we all have to be vegan for the world to survive. Heres a thought - you take away meat from us and we'll come and eat you.