Sunday, July 15, 2012

Al's Journal : This Would Not Have Been Possible. . .
Four men are setting out to row across the Arctic. A few years ago this would not have been possible:
Here we go again: row, row, row, your boat – Arctic edition | Watts Up With That?
I guess that the term “across the Ocean” must mean something different where they come from …from the looks of their route if they get in trouble they could just wade ashore.
But calling that journey a voyage “across the Arctic Ocean”? Sorry, that’s a coastal voyage they have planned, and is hardly “across” anything but the Bering Strait. I can see why they neglected to put a map on their site showing their proposed route …
Al Gore Is The Biggest Buffoon In US History | Real Science
No doubt the current mild climate is worse than the Dust Bowl – but it is worse than it seems. Something fishy is going on with the official data. Most of the drought area has received heavy rain over the last two weeks (as much as 12 inches in Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee) but the US drought monitor shows the drought getting much worse.

I have been in contact with The US Drought Monitor and Rich Tinker at NOAA. They promised an explanation by last Friday, but I haven’t received it yet.
USHCN2 – Worse Than It Seems | Real Science
The thermometer data shows no trend in US temperatures since 1900, with the three hottest years being 1921, 1934 and 1931.
YOUTUBE: Piers Corbyn knocks them dead in South Africa! | Climate Realists

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