Monday, July 02, 2012

Belief In Catastrophic Global Warming Is Consistent With Being Stupid | Real Science

Can we say that belief in catastrophic global warming is a smoking gun that person’s IQ is sub-standard?   No. But it is consistent with what we would anticipate.

Colorado 2011 Flashback : Record Snow Kept Rocky Mountain National Park Inaccessible | Real Science

The LA  Times claimed today that Colorado is in a ten year drought, and that the fires are part of a trend.

As usual, they are lying. Last year at this time we were experiencing flooding caused by the record snowfall.

Global Warming/Climate Change Responsible for the D.C. Thunderstorm? - By Greg Pollowitz - Planet Gore - National Review Online

Once every four years now classified as “rare” and “extraordinary?”

And as a reminder:

How global warming contributed to the snow

Remember kids, global warming can do anything your imagination can dream up. Anything.

Dr Rajendra Pachauri: Time to forget governments and use people power to fight climate change | RTCC - Responding to Climate Change

The world’s leading climate scientist says governments’ reluctance to tackle the causes of climate change means they should be bypassed in favour of global ‘people power’.

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