Sunday, July 29, 2012

GHCN : 26C Warming Per Century In Antarctica | Real Science
I don’t see how anyone can take global trends based on the GHCN data set seriously. Antarctica is as big as the US. The raw data is all over the place, with a signal to noise ratio far below 1. You can’t detect a 0.7C warming with a data set this erratic.
Climate Change Activists to Hold Rally in Portsmouth - Portsmouth, NH Patch
The team is comprised of five women, ages 18-24, who have volunteered their summers to spend traveling exclusively by bicycle and living on a food budget of five dollars per person per day – all in the name of building a movement to end “society’s addiction to fossil fuels, a.k.a. deadly energy,” claims Hillary Bernhardt, the team’s Video Coordinator.
The team Media Coordinator, Olivia Cook, explains, “Our approach is very holistic. We must end our dependency on fossil fuels immediately if we are to ensure a livable future for humanity - in terms of health, climate change, community, and quality of life.”
Shock News : Arctic Warmed Six Degrees – Ice Lost Half Its Thickness | Real Science
Arctic ice in 1940 was the same thickness as it is to day. That is why Hansen had to erase the 1940 warm period in the Arctic.

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