Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hmm: Bob Inglis, whose global warming belief was a big factor in his 71-29 primary runoff loss, tries to convince other conservative politicians to follow his lead

Hey, look, a Republican who cares about climate change! | Grist

Inglis was drummed out of the U.S. House in 2010 when South Carolina voters gave his Tea Party challenger more than 70 percent of the primary vote. Among Inglis’ sins: daring to be concerned about climate change. And despite the fact that it arguably cost him his seat, he hasn’t given up on climate, or on his party. This week, Inglis is launching an Energy & Enterprise Initiative at George Mason University to promote conservative solutions to global warming.

...Q. How many name conservatives do you have involved in this project? How big of a bloc can you build?

A. We have to convince conservatives that this won’t cut you off from a community that you find relevant. In a way, I’m the worst commercial for that!

My view is, there are a lot of Republicans in foxholes on this hill, ducking as the fire gets intense. At some point, some are going to get up out of the foxholes and start running up the hill. Some will fall on the hill, but this is what we count on people doing in places like Afghanistan right now. If all they’re going to shoot at you is words, most of them will bounce off. You might lose a job. But are you really going to stay in that foxhole?

Q. Any elected officials willing to stick their head up yet?

A. Uh, no. Our assumption is that it’s too early to ask them to lift their heads out of the foxhole because they’ll be targeted. Their heads will be blown off!...

Q. Do you think climate played a big role in your 2010 loss?

A. It was my most enduring heresy.

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Chuckles said...

Bit like Peter Cook's -

'Do you think you've learned from your mistakes?'

'Yes, I can repeat them exactly, and I hope to teach others how to do it as well.'