Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mann and Cullen appear in this 25-minute climate hoax piece on Al Jazeera; here are a few of my notes

Extreme weather: Linked to climate change? - Inside Story Americas - Al Jazeera English
At the 3:08 mark, Bob Deans, the associate director of Communications for the Natural Resources Defense Council, says "I called the National Center for Atmospheric Research today and they said "this is not your grandfather's summer. This is a future summer.""
Around the 4:30 mark, Michael Mann goes into his old "emitting trace amounts of CO2 is like injecting a baseball player with steroids" routine. He then claims that what we're seeing right now is "weather on steroids".
At the 16:56 mark, they put up a graphic that says "Arctic Circle Could Be Ice-free During Summer in Next Ten Years".
At the 17:50 mark, the host suggests that skeptics are often found to be funded by Big Energy or car companies.
Around the 18:45 mark Mann suggests that skeptics are like Flat-Earthers. He then claims that for active, publishing scientists in the climate field, over 99% believe that the climate is warming and humans are largely responsible for it.
Around the 20:00 mark, Deans claims that this summer, the global warming issue has come into our cornfields, lakes and bedrooms(?).
At the 24:08 mark, Mann suggests that people are seeing climate change by "looking out their windows".

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