Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mann on the activities of climate denialists: "I think it’s a crime against the planet. But it’s certainly a crime against humanity"

Climate Denialists Worse Than Tobacco CEOs Lying Under Oath, Says Mann - ABC News

[Mann] There is no room anymore to have a good faith discussion about whether the problem is real.

...[Blakemore] So, in other words the longer we delay, every day we delay according to the scientists, it makes it more costly.  Tell us about that — why it is “a crime against humanity” in that sense, from your point of view.

Mann: I mean, I think it might be something even larger and greater than that. I think it’s a crime against the planet. But it’s certainly a crime against humanity in the sense that, you know, we talk about the tobacco industry, and how the CEOs knowingly lied under oath to Congress about whether or not they were aware of the fact that their product was killing people.

...And frankly, many of us who talk about this issue have been saying for a number of years where we have to bring emissions to a peak within the next few years, and then we have to ramp them down dramatically in the decades to come. Well, you know what? It’s actually a few years now. That means we have to basically bring our emissions to a peak now and begin ramping them down. And we do need to transition away from the fossil fuel economy that we’ve, you know.


johndawsonblog said...

It is a crime against humanity to give this petulant pretender a breath of publicity. My God, can't you read and think for yourself. If I was a warmist I would demand that Mann be sacked and hidden from sight to protect the credibility of the crusade. As a skeptic I'm happy that he remains up there, to demonstrate how fraudulent it is.

DirkH said...

Really nice. If Mann has his way, it would become a crime to create a paleoclimatological reconstruction that shows the MWP, or doesn't show a hockeystick shape. That would be quite an original constraint on research work, but I'm sure the scientists can handle that. They can always ask Mikey for the sourcecode of his algorithms to bend the time series upwards I guess.

Anonymous said...

Any journalist who describes Mann needs to remember to put quote marks around "scientist."

Anonymous said...

In my lifetime I hope to see Mr. Mann put in prison for all of his lies and profiteering off of this scam.

Anonymous said...

mann is probably the biggest liar that i know of . his hockey stick graph has done more harm to truth than anything in this last two decades .