Saturday, July 07, 2012

More Proof That NY Times Reporters Are Activists in Disguise |

Here's the full Gillis quote from his original e-mail:

"On a similar front, I'm about to fly off to Paris to see Dick Lindzen. It's unavoidable in a story confronting the cloud-feedback question. So I need a really good bibliography of all the published science that says the cloud feedback is neutral to positive ... that is, anything that stands as evidence against Lindzen's claim that the feedback has to be strongly negative. I'm aware of various stuff already, including all the papers that were direct answers to his iris paper, but are you aware of a complete bibliography on this question?"

In a subsequent e-mail, Gillis told one climate activist that Lindzen was 'quite slippery and prone to change the subject whenever a line of questioning became aggressive." He then added, "I trust you're treating these e-mails in strictest confidence, as I will." I guess he forgot FOIA was a two-way street.


Stark said...

Newsbuster says Access Denied to the article. ???

Anonymous said...

I got the same problem. Newsbuster denying access ... ???