Sunday, July 08, 2012

NPR Has Never Heard of Global Warming or Arithmetic - Business Insider

The piece presented the views of people who saw the prospect of a smaller Chinese population as being a potential crisis, but not one word from anyone who indicated that it could potentially benefit both China and the world.

In terms of global warming and demand on resources more generally, the more people there are in China and the world as whole, the greater the pressure on the environment. In fact, if one (wrongly) assumes, as this piece implies, that more Chinese will make each person in China richer then the negative impact on the environment will be more than proportionate to the increase in population.

Miners cooling on global warming

The report says concern about climate change has not made the top 10 list of worries in the past two years. In 2008 it ranked fifth. Ernst & Young's global metals and mining leader, Mike Elliott, said the political paralysis affecting global attempts to reach a consensus on carbon reduction measures, particularly since the failure of the Copenhagen round of talks in 2009, had alleviated the pressure on mining companies confronting the issue.

Surfer Dudes For Clean Energy - Greener Ideal

Facing the imminent destruction of their waterways, surfers are becoming increasingly active in sounding the alarm about the obvious toll of climate change...So the next time you are engaged in conversation about global warming and climate change, bring up the surfers. They want to solve the climate change problem as much as anyone else. Clean energy, dude. With the power of the tides, we can all hang ten.

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