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Popular The Truth about Richard Muller
Clarification on Koch Funding,
[Oct 2011] "The research examined recent global surface temperature trends. It did not examine ocean temperature data or the cause of warming on our climate, as some have claimed" - Tonya Mullins, Director of Communications, Charles Koch Foundation
Insight: Climate of fear - National - NZ Herald News
Two Haumoana houses have already fallen into the seaandmore are under threat. Land Information NZ says the next big tide will be around August 24, followed by an even bigger one three weeks later. "The sea's been very funny for the last eight or nine weeks, and it's still funny now," says John Bridgeman, 73.

But he doesn't put it down to global warming. "I think climate change is bullshit. It's erosion that's causing the problem here, not climate change. The bloody water level hasn't altered."

Lawrence blames commercial gravel extraction further up the coast, not climate change: "A lot of these scientists make a lot of money - their bread and butter is council and government studies, the whole nine yards. They're just pushing agendas."
Ninety-year-old scientist Dr Vincent Gray got his PhD in chemistry from Cambridge University in 1946. "In those days, it seems to me, science was honest," he muses. Gray's career has taken him around the globe - working in Britain, Canada, France, NewZealand and most recently China where he was chief chemist for the Coal Research Association, but has retired to Wellington.

It was Gray's review of the "sevenstation series" that sparked the years of challenges that, this month, reached the High Court. Contrary to Niwa's finding, Gray says there has been no change in temperatures. He objects to Salinger's adjustments, and to the practice of extrapolating data from neighbouring stations, sometimes hundreds of kilometres away, to fill gaps in the data.
Richard Muller’s Political Move—BEST is Best? Sophisticated Statistics! | William M. Briggs
I’m guessing that the global warming movement is losing steam. The state of anxiety that was once present among the electorate has ratcheted down. This is why Muller is “striking” now. The professionally outraged will remain outraged that “nothing” is being done (besides the billions already being spent, of course). The EPA will reason that it has more reason to swell in size. But the man-in-the-street won’t be able to sustain his worry—even to the point of some saying, “Yeah, this guy Muller is probably right. But so what? I can live with a little heat. Winter’s are too damn cold anyway.” The majority would just as soon forget about it.

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