Saturday, July 21, 2012

US Navy defends 'great green fleet' from Republican attacks | Environment |
In a telephone call with reporters on Thursday, the navy secretary, Ray Mabus, and Obama administration officials made their most public effort to date to head off moves in Congress to block the navy's biofuels project.
A bill before the Senate, supported by Republicans Jim Inhofe and John McCain, would ban the navy from buying more biofuels unless the price drops to the same prices as conventional fuels. It also seeks to block the navy from spending on biofuel refineries – support that could help speed up the commercialisation of biofuels.

McCain argues the project is just too expensive.

"I was just reading, it's the cost of one destroyer - $1.8bn extra - they want to spend on this green technology," he told Reuters. "The fact is, I just do not believe that we need to spend that kind of money on it," McCain said.

Mabus said the entire navy was behind the project to reduce dependence on oil by developing new sources of energy, such as biofuels. He said the navy was making energy savings, taking advantage of the tides, waves and wind, to save some $150m a year on fuel costs.

"The whole navy is committed to pursuing alternatives to foreign oil and the whole navy believes it is critical to our national security and combat capability," said Mabus. He also tried to reassure Republicans, saying there would be no major purchases of biofuels until they became cost-competitive with conventional diesel and aviation fuel.
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If global warmists lie like this, why shouldn't we assume global warming is a Big Lie?

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