Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Warmist David Fenton in an insane letter to the Exxon CEO: "Fossil fuel CEOs like you now control the thermostat of the earth. You are dialing it way up way fast"

David Fenton: Exxon's CEO and Me

...the Midwest is likely to become a dust bowl in our lifetime, and the price of food will rise a great deal...The path we are on will lead to the extinction of almost half the species on earth. We may be one of them....

So lead the way -- join with business and environmentalists in a campaign to put a fee on carbon. But not a tax. It should be a slowly rising fee that is 100% rebatable to the public per capita. The government should get none of the money. [So who is going to administer this massive program?] Instead, every citizen would get an electronic rebate or a check every month, as they do from oil revenues in the state of Alaska. Over time, it will be a lot of money for families, and largely reverse the impact of higher energy prices. It's a market-based solution the public will support and conservatives can too.

And you need to act soon before you go down in history -- and to your grandchildren -- as the man who destroyed the future for enormous profits now. There is little time left to stabilize and reduce emissions before we risk terrible climate tipping points releasing potent methane from the Arctic and under the warming seas. If we burn all the unconventional fossil fuel reserves you are so excited about atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide will double or even triple from pre-industrial levels. Mr. Tillerson, the last time that happened in earth's history sea level was 250 feet higher. Fossil fuel CEOs like you now control the thermostat of the earth. You are dialing it way up way fast. Once the glaciers start to move, they can't be stopped. Do you really want the blame for that?

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DirkH said...

But if Exxon sends a cheque to every household they'll all book a holiday travel on a jet airliner; turning Earth into a replica of Venus.

Does Fenton live in SOCAL? Does he suffer from a medical condition that can only be cured by ingesting large amounts of medical marihuana?