Monday, July 09, 2012

Yet another completely insane quote from Michael Mann: "We’re re-creating that early cretaceous climate, but not on a timescale of a hundred million years — on a time scale of a hundred years"

‘New McCarthyism’ Described by Climate Scientist Michael Mann - ABC News

There does seem to be a concerted effort… And in fact I think where it starts is that there’s some very prominent websites, for example: That if a scientists talks about the influence of climate change on weather, then, you know, that night, their picture will be put up there with their email address, maybe even the email addresses, or the phone numbers, of their spouses…

Climate Denialists Would Be Remembered as Villains, Says Mann - ABC News

[Warmist Bill Blakemore] it strikes me that this is a grave crisis.

(Michael Mann nods)

That you scientists have been telling us for some time that this is a grave crisis with hundreds of millions of people dying or in the position of being climate refugees by the middle of the century if we don’t… if we, the human race, don’t take it over.

(Michael Mann nods)...[Mann] we shouldn’t be basing policy on the dishonest views of a small number of people who refuse to accept the facts as they are evident.

And so sure, people have the right, I suppose, to lie… But we certainly shouldn’t be basing policy on lies.

...Mann: … I believe that the Obama administration probably decided they didn’t have the political capital to fight this massive disinformation campaign with huge amounts of special interest money running commercials across the nation aimed at disinforming Americans about the challenge we face, about the energy choices that we should be talking about.

Unprecedented Crisis for Humanity — But There’s Hope - ABC News

Blakemore: Inevitably you must get this question: Will humanity make it? Let me ask first as a very simple technical question: Is it not true that the paleoclimatologists, in general, give us a picture in which there does seem to be some single number — ppm (parts per million of CO2) or temperature — whichever way you want to take it — which leads to a runaway, overall tipping point? Zooms us back up to greenhouse earth?

That does exist out there?  Nobody knows exactly where? Yes?

Mann: Well, sure. I mean, we know a hundred million years ago, in the early part of the cretaceous period, when dinosaurs where wandering the planet, global temperatures were warmer than they were — than they are today.

We know that C02 levels were much higher than they are today, and we know there was no ice on the face of the earth. Well, nature has a way of dealing with changing, you know, concentrations of greenhouse gases on timescales of a hundred million years.

But what we’re doing right now is we’re taking all of those fossil — all of that C02 that eventually got buried in the solid earth — and we’re releasing it back into the atmosphere.

We’re re-creating that early cretaceous climate, but not on a timescale of a hundred million years — on a time scale of a hundred years.

[Warmists Mann and Blakemore compare the fight against CO2 to the fight against Hitler] - ABC News

Mann: Well, there are … there are some real analogies. You know, we saw warning signs. But somehow we ignored them.

Blakemore: Of World War Two?

Mann:  World War Two. Sure. And there was potentially, you know, massive loss of life because of the warning signs that we ignored.  Again, you know, we did ultimately act, um, arguably in time to prevent what would have been, what would have been a far greater, you know, disaster. And so there is an analogy with climate change where, you know, we have an opportunity to act in time.

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"about the energy choices that we should be talking about." - Mann

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