Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apocalypse or bust: How Wired’s climate optimism doesn’t add up | Grist
Climate change won’t destroy the world, but as we may already be seeing, it will certainly upend the lives we live. Apocalypse, not, to be sure. Just: the horror, the horror.
Elite Public University Gives Up On Climate Science In Response To Not-So-Elite Public University's Campaign To Smear Its Former Climate Scientist | MyFDL
In fact, according to a new legal brief filed in a denial lobby court case against UVA, the Board had apparently been lobbying the administration to conduct its own investigation into Mann’s possible “misconduct” in the “Climategate” affair, despite the conclusion of two separate independent investigations that Mann had not written anything remotely academically or ethically un-kosher in any of his “Climategate” emails.

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