Saturday, September 08, 2012

Owen Paterson: The 'unknown Cabinet minister’ has a fight on his hands - Telegraph
The point about Paterson is that he is in fact uniquely qualified for his new post. Not only is he a countryman heavily involved in the rural scene, he is also one of the few senior politicians with experience of the real world outside the Westminster bubble (he was formerly a leading figure in the European leather trade). If he is sceptical, he is a pragmatic sceptic. He looks carefully at how something works in practice, and if he concludes that it doesn’t justify the fashionable claims being made by those blinded by ideology into promoting it, he does not hesitate to say so.
More signs of the Greens decline | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The Greens find their world cooling, after yesterday’s council elections:
THE Greens suffered a voter backlash across the state yesterday, with swings of between 10 and 15 per cent against the party in most parts of NSW.
Lewandowsky mocks, but fails to answer | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Professor Stephan Lewandosky concluded sceptics were more likely to be crazy conspiracy theorists on the basis of an online survey placed on blogs he won’t name and eliciting just three replies from conspiratorial sceptics unknown - or possibily even one replying three times.

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