Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fear not, warmists: Of the 200 questions that Bob Schieffer had in his binder last night, some were about climate change

Schieffer: 'I don't think I'll do it again' - POLITICO.com
Schieffer said he had 200 questions in his binder when he stepped on stage last night, informed by five weeks of extensive conversations with foreign policy experts. He only had time to ask six, and if there is a criticism of his performance, it is that he focused too much on the greater Middle East and ignored other issues ranging from climate change and the Eurozone crisis.

"Obviously there are only so many you can get to," he said. "I had questions about climate change to talk about. I had a question in there about the Eurozone. I had a question about the fiscal cliff. I was hoping we would have more of a discussion on how we manage our relationship with China. I wish there had been a way to talk about those because they're all extremely important."

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