Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: The next climate wake-up call? -
How's this for some election-year timing: The East Coast faces the real possibility of taking a battering next week from a “perfect storm” roaring in from the Atlantic — right at the tail end of a campaign in which President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and their debate moderators have all drawn criticism for avoiding discussion of climate change.
“Sandy is yet another reminder that the candidates should stop competing over who can poison the weather faster with increased oil, gas and coal production,” said Brad Johnson, campaign manager at, a website aimed at getting the candidates to make climate change a major part of the election-year debate. “If they fear that honesty about global warming could cost them votes, they should instead be more concerned that climate silence costs lives.”
Twitter / CorbinHiar: The closest Obama came to ...
The closest Obama came to breaking the #climatesilence was saying efficiency measures take "a whole bunch of carbon [sic] out of the atmosphere."
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Halloween Snowcane 2012 -- cold air + specific track means 1-foot+ of snow for PA, major accums elsewhere.

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YFNWG said...

Email I sent Andrew:



Listening to the likes of Masters, McKibbon and Johnson, the three amigos of climate alarmism, it’s like the 50’s never happened, with Hurricane Carol, Edna, and Hazel.. And that’s just 1954. Then there’s Connie, Diane, and Ione in 1955. These ones were all along the eastern seaboard.

What’s more, why don’t you read up to date scientific research that show little if any trend in tropical storm frequency or strength associated with AGW, like here: