Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oink | Watts Up With That?
The “Hurricane Sandy is caused by global warming” Tabloid Climatology™ affliction gets out of control on MSNBC in a Chris Matthews interview with Dr. Michael Oppenheimer
The hate is extraordinary. I wonder if Chris Matthews realizes that he just insulted a good portion of the USA populace that is skeptical about AGW?

And, with a salary of $5 million, I wonder how much “stuff” Chris Matthews has compared to the average viewer he foams to.
The Size Of Hurricane Sandy – How Does It Compare? | Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.
Clearly, Sandy was a giant tropical cyclone, and rivals the largest ones in size that occur in the Pacific Ocean. A major difference with Tip, however, is that Tip attained wind speeds of up to 190 mph (305 km/h) and a central pressure of 870 millibars (25.69 inches of mercury) – see, while Sandy was a much more modest hurricane.
Listening To Hansen Would Have Prevented The Pine Bark Beetle Infestation | Real Science
Had we given up fossil fuels 30 years ago like Hansen wanted us to do, there would not be a single tree left standing in the US. They all would have been used for firewood by desperate people trying to keep warm.

No trees – no beetles. Problem solved.
1821 Storm Surge Drowned Lower Manhattan | Real Science
    The tide rose 13 feet in one hour...
Katherine Hayhoe’s great-great-great-great grandmother blamed it on horse farts.
Hysterical Climatology | Real Science
The science of historical hysterical climatology has several schools of thought
The Hayhoe/Dessler/Hansen school – time began in 1970
The Karl/Hansen school – people were too stupid in the past to read thermometers, and have become exponentially more stupid in the current decade. Particularly in 2012.
The NOAA school – people did not know how to count dead bodies before 1950

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