Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Professional climate hoax promoter Shaye Wolf: “The terrifying truth is that America faces a future full of Frankenstorms”

Climate Change Makes ’Frankenstorms’ Stronger: Scientists - Businessweek
“The terrifying truth is that America faces a future full of Frankenstorms,” Shaye Wolf, the center’s climate science director, said in the statement. “The threat of killer winds and crushing storm surges will grow by the year unless we get serious about tackling greenhouse-gas pollution.”
Shaye Wolf's Page - Climate Change Media Partnership
Shaye Wolf, Staff Biologist, works with the Center’s Climate Law Institute. She graduated with a bachelor’s in biology from Yale University and received a doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology and a master’s in ocean sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she examined the effects of ocean climate change on seabird populations.
Shaye Wolf (2000) | Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation
Shaye is the Climate Science Director for the Center for Biological Diversity in San Francisco. Shaye's work focuses on protecting climate change-threatened species under the U.S. Endangered Species, which provides tools for climate change adaptation and mitigation. She has written scientific petitions to protect Arctic species including the Pacific walrus and ice seals, high-elevation species such as the American pika, and corals under the ESA. Her work also focuses on raising awareness about the importance of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide from current levels of ~390 parts per million to the science-based target of 350 parts per million to avoid dangerous climate change and protect species and ecosystems.
Shaye Wolf, Center for Biological Diversity - YouTube
[At COP16 in Mexico] Shaye Wolf, Climate Science Director, Center for Biological Diversity talks about why a 350ppm/1.5C target is necessary to preserve healthy ecosystems and biodiversity with an emphasis on global warming threats to Mexican species.

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Anonymous said...

The stark,naked truth is that until we find a way to rid the earth of the anthropogenic fueled Coriolis Effect Frankenstorms will continue to plague us. This should be an absolute priority of anyone who believes the future of the earth is at risk, and I am distressed that the environmental community has not highlighted this huge problem.