Thursday, November 01, 2012

Burn, Baby, Burn: Fisker Inferno - By Greg Pollowitz - Planet Gore - National Review Online
Hurricane Sandy not only flooded Fisker electric cars at the port of Newark, but caused them to catch fire:
[IPCC warmist Chris Field casually claims that we can see CO2-induced changes in "shifted storm tracks"] -
Climate change is occurring now. We see its consequences in hotter temperatures, higher sea levels and shifted storm tracks.
Christopher Field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In September 2008, Field was elected co-chair of Working Group 2 of the IPCC, along with Vicente Barros.[5] In 2009, Field was one of ten recipients of the 15th Annual Heinz Award with special focus on the environment
Did Global Warming Make Sandy Worse? | Fox News Video
[8-minute video] Climate Scientist Michael E. Mann tells Alan how climate change is linked to extreme weather.
Additional (1st)... | Facebook
[comment by Chris Colose] It's really amazing how Heartland and WUWT type anti-science sources can have such a tremendous impact on the public perception.
Chuck Todd On Hurricane Sandy: 'It's Called Climate Change' (VIDEO)
NBC political director Chuck Todd issued a strong statement on the forces behind Hurricane Sandy on Wednesday, attributing the recent frequency in severe storms to climate change.

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