Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crank Of The Week: The Green Ninja
Those of you who thought that the battle over anthropogenic global warming would be won or lost based on scientific evidence think again. A group of faculty and students at San Juan State University has conspired to bring us The Green Ninja. What, you might ask, is the Green Ninja? It is an animated climate-action superhero aimed squarely at school children. In other words, mind poisoning climate alarmist propaganda meant to indoctrinate children into the green belief system. What’s worse, it is being funded by US government grant money. Not since communism has such a concerted effort been made to brainwash the young before they have a chance to learn how to think for themselves. Moreover, the conspiracy is international with an Australian film festival awarding “Green Ninja: Footprint Renovation” its Grand Prize.
In Obama's Backyard, a Climate Change Battle in Virginia Next Year | InsideClimate News
With Virginia's climate skeptic attorney general seeking the governor's seat and fossil fuel money pouring in, familiar battle lines are being drawn.

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