Saturday, December 29, 2012

The rain falls – while the government pulls the plug on flood defences | John Vidal
Should the weather over the next three months be anything like normal, we are on course for Britain's soggiest winter since records began. In England, it is already the wettest year. Even people who like to deny climate change and wish to sweep away planning rules now understand that floods can strike almost anywhere at any time. Waterlogged homes are a regular feature of British life.
Climate Change
Climate change has potential risks for the UK. Most critical, are the frequency and changes in extreme conditions such as hot, dry summers, drought and storms. It is likely that the occurrence of hot, dry summers will increase
Korea - Heavy snowfall sets new record
Yesterday’s snowfall in South Gyeongsang set a new record for December, said the KMA.

Heavy snowfall is rarely seen in the southern port city.
Rochester NY Digs Out After Record Snowfall
“Last year it wasn’t like this at all, now it’s catching up to us,” said Eric Cruz of Rochester.

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