Saturday, January 26, 2013

Diesel fumes more damaging to health than petrol engines | UK news | The Observer
Ministry report says 'green' cars contribute significantly to air pollution and lung diseases
Say It Ain’t So, Derek! | Power Line
Derek Jeter at Davos: another sign of the celebrity-ization of everything. Someone needs to explain to Derek that hurricane activity has declined to a 30-year low. Other forms of extreme weather like tornadoes are down, too.

Here is an interesting question: why doesn’t anyone ever say that human activity, like emitting CO2, is causing a decline in extreme weather events? Why doesn’t the logic of “something has to be causing it” apply? If extreme weather events are declining in number, is that an argument for burning more fossil fuels in hopes of suppressing them further? If not, why not?
Climate Crisis Downgrade Arriving on Schedule | Power Line
Of course, you can expect environmentalists to cling bitterly to their narrative of climate catastrophe, as it still remains the best game in town for their relentless drive to acquire more power over people and resources—always the end game of environmental politics. But it’s okay now for the rest of us to adopt the head-patting attitude of “There, there; I know it’s hard when your narrative falls apart. You’ll get over it some day.”
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