Thursday, January 17, 2013

Question: How many people will actually take the time to download and read a 147-megabyte "National Climate Assessment"

National Climate Assessment Draft Embraces Non-Solutions
The full report is a whopping 147 Mb file, but an Executive Summary gives its flavor—and this is the only portion of the report that analysts and policymakers will read...Even on its own terms, the newly released draft of the National Climate Assessment does not make the cost/benefit case for drastic U.S. government intervention in the name of mitigating future climate change. These policies would harm U.S. competitiveness while doing little to slow global emissions. To point out these facts isn’t to be a “climate denier,” it is simply to ask that policymakers base their decisions on sensible arguments.

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Otter said...

How many will actually take the time?

Well, Roger Pielke, Jr, for one....