Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bummer: Keystone pipeline will "literally cut our country in half, carrying a very dangerous fuel, and it will cause runaway climate change"

Climate change protests held in Chicago, D.C. | WGN-TV
Also today, in Washington D.C., environmentalists were marching, dancing, poster-waving and chanting “Hey, Obama. We don’t want no climate drama,”...
“Someday, I hope to have my own kids, and I want them to live in a world that’s environmentally safe and natural,” Spitz said, explaining why she, her mother and her boyfriend had traveled more than 500 miles from Plymouth, Michigan.
At Sunday’s rally, Maura Cowley of the Energy Action Coalition verbalized a common theme.

“Keystone XL is a dirty and dangerous pipeline. It’s literally going to cut our country in half, carrying a very dangerous fuel, and it will cause runaway climate change,” Cowley said.
[Pat] Michaels said those fears are unfounded, and “climate change is becoming the last refuge of regulatory scoundrels.”

“It reminds me of the TransCanada pipeline that was supposed to cause all these problems and wreak all this havoc. It never did. All it did was supply oil,” Michaels said.

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WestHoustonGeo said...

The irony of it is this:
Gulf Coast refineries need that heavy oil. They are importing a lot from Venezuela and Mexico, but it would be cheaper and safer by pipeline from Canada. They still want the Canadian as Venezuela's production has dropped.
So, it is now being shipped by RAIL and by BARGES down the Mississippi! There are plans to ship it to Canada's West Coast and use supertankers (idled by restrictions of Alaska's output) to carry it through the Panama Canal (which will be widened by 2015) to the Gulf Coast.
So, banning the pipeline cheats Canada out of a lot of money, because the stuff is piling up in storage and has to be sold cheaper.
AND it puts oil in three more expensive, far less efficient alternate transports.