Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Davey takes fight to “dogmatic” and “blinkered” climate sceptics - 12 Feb 2013
Ed Davey will aim his most vocal criticism to date at those climate sceptics who seek to delay and undermine action to curb global greenhouse gas emissions, accusing them of adopting a "dogmatic" and "blinkered" stance that represents "a huge gamble with the future of every human being on the planet".

The Energy and Climate Change Secretary is to deliver a speech at the Royal Society this afternoon to a meeting of the AVOID symposium, a government-funded climate research programme incorporating the Met Office, the Tyndall Institute and several other research bodies.
For 2 °C warming there could be 4 million extra heat-related deaths and around 6 million less cold-related deaths, although the aggregation of mortality to the global level hides important regional variations.
AVOID is a research programme that provides key advice to the UK Government on avoiding dangerous climate change brought on by greenhouse gas emissions.
- Bishop Hill blog - A right royal dogmatist
Ed Davey is to speak to a Royal Society seminar today on the subject of climate change. Apparently he will argue that
the science of climate change is "irrefutable" and man is making a "significant" contribution to rising global temperatures.
Irrefutable eh? That doesn't sound like science to me. That sounds like religion.

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