Monday, February 04, 2013

Judith Curry on allegedly settled science: "Until we better understand natural internal climate variability, we simply don’t know how to infer sensitivity to greenhouse gas forcing...As scientists, we need to embrace the uncertainty, the complexity and the messy wickedness of the problem. We mislead policy makers with our oversimplifications and overconfidence"

Sensitivity about sensitivity | Climate Etc.


John Marshall said...

We do not understand water completely yet so climate has no chance. what we do know is that the GHG theory violates the laws of thermodynamics so cannot work. CO2 cannot cause atmospheric heating, it cannot ''store'' heat. water can store heat as latent heat which transfers heat from the surface to the higher atmosphere where it can escape to space. So a COOLING mechanism never a heating one.

JWR said...

Indeed, as John Marshall said, the back-radiation of heat is a violation of the second law.
In the link I give you a paper with a model with one-way heat transfer by radiation i.e without the back-radiation.