Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Warmist Paul Douglas suggests that CO2 is the cause of "a major tornado hitting an urban area"; he also claims "the past two years have seen the most severe weather since 1816"

Researchers link global warming to extreme snowstorms | kare11.com
Douglas says the past two years have seen the most severe weather since 1816. He says people may not believe climate scientists, but they do believe their eyes, and what's ahead could impact what Minnesotans do see in daily life: agriculture, transportation, tourism and water supply.

"Something has changed, it's not your grandfather's weather anymore," said Douglas. "These 'Black Swan' weather events, whether it's a Duluth flood, , or more Sandys, we need to understand climate theory has become meteorological reality."


Unknown said...

Prior to Man's existence on Earth not a single severe weather event was recorded. When Man first walked the Earth a severe weather event was rarely observed. Hundreds of years ago millions of people observed thousands of severe weather events. More weather events have been observed during modern times than at any other time on Earth... Proof Man is the cause of severe weather!

bigjoebastardi said...

Heh Doug as in your real name, Doug Kruhoffer, I remember you running around as a freshman in the winter of 77-78 flipping out at the 3 big snowstorms, the blizzard in the midwest. Lets see you were still in High school for the 1974 tornado outbreak in the midwest. Or how about when my dad grew up in the 30s, 40s, 50s, he's a met.. lets see 121 g to 186 at Blue hill 38. 15 feet of water into PVD. Dust bowl plains or how about the 1950s.. 8 majors up the east coast in 7 years. I could go on , but a man that changes his name probably has no time to look at reality in other things that dont matter as much.

You may be Paul Douglass to your fans, but you will always be Doug Kruhoffer to me. SO pardon me if I remember you gawking at the weather in the 70s at PSU. Or dont you remember those days? Getting stuck on Columbus day weekend with a foot of snow in 1977.. not extreme in the least was it.
cheers and happy cold pdo/warm amo. that is the answer, not 1/400th of the greenhouse gasses, in the atmosphere that has 1/1000th of the heat capacity of the ocean. Get your hands around that extreme, for when you actually do the work, your position is exposed for the agenda driven drivel it is

bogjoebastardio said...

BTW anytime you want to debate the physical drivers of the weather and how this all plays out, lets go. I would love to get you one on one in a debate on this matter so we can see who knows the weather, the history of the weather, the climate and what drives it. And not just around MSP, we are talking globally, since that is what I do for a living . Youre hooked up with weathernation, lets do it.