Sunday, February 17, 2013

Warmist Senator Bernie Sanders: Emitting more CO2 will "mean greater threats of war and international instability because hungry and thirsty people would be fighting for limited resources"

The best solution on climate change requires Congress to act |  |
The issue that we are dealing with is not political. It has nothing to do with the squabbling we see in Washington every day. It has everything to do with physics. The leading scientists in the world who study climate change now tell us that their earlier projections were wrong. The crisis facing our planet is much worse than they had thought only a few years ago.
What would that mean to planet earth? Sea levels would rise by three to six feet, which would flood cities like New Orleans, Boston and Miami and coastal communities all over the world. It would mean that every year we would see more and more extreme weather disturbances, like Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars every year and resulting in devastating blows to our economy and productive capabilities.

We would see the price of food go up because crops in the US and around the world would be affected by temperatures substantially greater than what we have today. It would mean greater threats of war and international instability because hungry and thirsty people would be fighting for limited resources. It would mean more disease and unnecessary deaths.


gofer said...

They couldn't find a climatologist to speak and tell us "warming is happening faster than they thought" after it hasn't warmed in 16 years? I guess even they will draw the line at crazy somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hurricanes may unfortunately take lives, but they are a huge economic boom for everyone in trades and construction industries. Some has to replace the billions in damages with an equal amount of new infrastructure - money that wouldn't be spent otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the hurricane argument is an example of the "broken window fallacy". It is NOT economically useful to break a bunch of windows, hire people to replace them, and then go break them again, hire people to replace them, etc. At BEST, that is economically null, at worst, it is extremely counter-productive. It is far better to construct new buildings to house new businesses which will hire new workers, etc.

Also, I thought that the impending ice age of the 1970s was going to cause drought, famine, and competition for reduced resources, leading to war, starvation, etc.

Now, Bernie thinks that warmer weather will cause all of these EXACT SAME THINGS. No, Bernie, warmer weather causes extended growing seasons and higher crop yields, leading to greater availability of food.