Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Warmist Senator Whitehouse: "It's clear that we're going to see [big storms] more frequently"; skeptics have never argued with him; skeptics are "trying to be quiet"

Sen. Whitehouse's Climate Crusade Aims to Awaken Congress 'Sleepwalking Through History' | InsideClimate News
It's clear that we're going to see them [big storms] more frequently...really, once you're aware of what's happening, everywhere you look you start to see cause for concern.
ICN: Your speeches often cite breaking research on climate change. Where do you go for the science?

Whitehouse: We have a pretty good network that we've developed. We get pretty ready access to information and reports as they emerge. It's often my staff who are doing the research and talking directly to the scientists rather than me personally...On the other side, we've got people in the scientific and environmental communities who know we're interested in this, so they push stuff to us when they know it's interesting.
ICN: How many people show up to your talks?
Whitehouse: Actually, very rarely are people in the room.
ICN: Have you been confronted by climate skeptics?
Whitehouse: No.
...once [skeptics] got through throwing doubt onto the question of whether climate change is real, with all those phony studies and accusations and things—once they clouded it up with a little bit of doubt, I think their strategy is just to retreat and try to make the issue as quiet as possible. So I see my job as to try to make noise about it at a time when they're trying to be quiet.
ICN: So they've never argued with you?
Whitehouse: Nope. Never happened. Some time ago, Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma used to come to the floor and give climate denial speeches, but even he has dropped off now.

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