Thursday, February 14, 2013

WWF: EU budget a bad deal for the climate | RTCC - Responding to Climate Change
EU Commissioner for climate action Connie Hedegaard stressed the importance of the assignment of 20% of all funding to climate action.
Twitter / HaroldAmbler: Global warming fears spring ...
Global warming fears spring in large part from the public's increasing distance from nature. Easy to sell ideas via screens. #gooutside
Shale oil 'could add £50bn to UK economy' - Telegraph
A shale oil revolution could add up to £800 to each person’s economic output in the UK, according to a report from accountants PwC.
Arctic Ice Almost Identical To 1984 | Real Science
Warning!!!! David Appell and Tamino say that lay people are not allowed to look at this image.
New Guidelines From The Climate Vatican | Real Science
Cardinals Tamino and Appell have determined that climate laypeople may only open the Arctic ice extent scripture for six weeks between August 15 and September 30.

Seeing this data during the other 46 weeks of the year will lead to sin, make your hair fall out – and cause blindness.

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