Friday, February 01, 2013

Yet another paper shows the hot spot is missing « JoNova
Remember the evidence is overwhelming, and deniers deny the evidence. But in Oct 2012, two atmospheric scientists were reporting, yet again, the models are wrong. Twenty years after we started looking for the fingerprint of the amplification required to make the CO2 theory of global warming work, it still isn’t there. Forgive me for harping on. It’s still The Most Major Flaw in climate models.
Polar Meltdown Update | Real Science
Climate experts tell us that we are experiencing an unprecedented polar meltdown, as evidenced by the fact that global sea ice area is right at the satellite era mean.
Twitter / aDissentient: Annan: [One climate sci] stated ...
Annan: [One climate sci] stated quite openly in a meeting ... he deliberately lied in these [surveys] to help motivate political action
Twitter / RichardTol: .@aDissentient strategic bias ...
.@aDissentient strategic bias is rife in such surveys
Twitter / RichardTol: @aDissentient It's lying with ...
@aDissentient It's lying with a particular purpose. Us academics feel the need to classify lies.

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