Thursday, March 14, 2013

A note on "ClimateGate 3.0"

I've taken a quick look at hundreds of these text files, and I agree with others that that vast majority are mundane.  Over the last day, many of us have already had the experience of "finding" an email that shows massive weakness in the warmist case, only to discover that that particular email had already been previously released.

I think over time, even the skeptics have forgotten just how much damage the ClimateGate 1 and 2 files did to the warmist case.  I plan to review my own list of outed emails here to refresh my memory.  If anyone has a similar list that I should review, please let me know.

I strongly agree with others that we need some search tools etc to handle 220,000+ files.  It would be very nice indeed if we could filter out the spam files and the files that had already been previously released.  I don't plan to spend much time on these new files until some tools are available.

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Peter Whale said...

Hi Tom when you get the search tools available for those emails could you do a search using the names of the politicians like Gordon Brown, Blair,
Ed Milliband et al just to explore that avenue.