Sunday, March 03, 2013

Amusing Washington Post editorial: You know what would be a great way to "slash" taxes? Just implement a massive new bad-weather-prevention tax!!

Breaking the logjam - The Washington Post
WHAT IF THERE were a policy that could cut future deficits, slash taxes, eliminate wasteful government spending and reduce climate change? As sequestration kicks in, you’d think every politician in Washington would be desperate to embrace such a win-win-win-win.

Last week the Brookings Institution’s Adele Morris laid out what an intelligent tax on carbon emissions could accomplish, and the results will astonish anyone — seemingly much of Congress — who hasn’t given the idea the consideration it deserves. Ms. Morris proposed starting with a $16-per-ton charge on carbon dioxide, setting it to rise by 4 percent annually and using most of the money to cut corporate taxes and the deficit...The plan would eliminate lots of central planning going on in Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department, and it would be easy to administer.


Anonymous said...

If its a bad weather tax, and we get a storm that causes damage, and we are taxed to prevent that damage... can we sue the gov't...

Anonymous said...

astonishingly ignorant... instead of taxing this, let's tax that! let steal more money from people, because it will save them money? very sick and twisted.