Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Approaching The Satellite Era Tipping Point | Real Science
In a few months, there will have been no global warming for the majority of the satellite era temperature record.
Twitter / PeterGleick
Republican and skeptic dominated Congressional #climate hearing in DC apparently cancelled due to.... bad weather. #ironyprobablylostonthem.
Twitter / chriscmooney: Being a climate denier is ...
Being a climate denier is starting to be a pretty lonely occupation -- now just 8 % of population [Links to a warmist study that claims that only 16% of Americans are "Alarmed" about global warming, and only 1/4 of those have engaged in political activism on the issue.]
10 Stunning Things You Should Know About the Environmental Movement -- 'A Fierce Green Fire' Film Inspires | Alternet
With global resource wars already well underway, enviroterrorism seems like it's going to become, as the popular slang goes, a thing. But it has proven polarizing on either side of the environmental movement. [Via MT]

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