Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Articles: Another Hockey Stick?
[Fred Singer] So what did they really do? I suspect that the paper is a rehash of Marcott's doctor's thesis. He too is a newly minted PhD (in 2011), lucky enough to get Hockeystick #2 not only published, but internationally promoted -- It's all based on analyses of 73 samples of deep-ocean sediments, corals, shells, etc. Nothing really new here: In 1996 Lloyd Keigwin (of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) published such an analysis in Science. He found that it was warmer 1000 years ago (during the Medieval Warm Period) - and much warmer 3000 years ago and earlier.

So why did the editors of Science give the OSU paper the 'special' treatment, sending out press releases, arranging interviews, etc? Perhaps they were captured by the authors' claim "that the planet today is warmer than it has been during 70 to 80 percent of the time over the past 11,300 years. But as British climate expert David Whitehouse points out "Of course, another way to put this is that current temperatures are colder than 28% of the Holocene. According to this research, the temperatures seen in the 20th century were about average for the Holocene."
Die Klimazwiebel: Lennart Bengtsson: Global climate change and its relevance for a global energy policy.
We do not yet know how to best solve the Earth’s energy problems but many thing may happen in the next 100 years. A modest climate sensitivity that is supported by observations combined with a transition from coal to natural gas will provide the world with a waiting time of half a century or so but not very much longer. This will make it possible to avoid unnecessary and highly expensive panic-type subsidized investments driven by political whims and the expectations of quickly earned money and instead invest available means in a well thought through long- term energy research programs.
Holy buckets – Shub Niggurath Climate
I think our friend the saint [Mr Foia] gets almost everything right. It is heartening to know that there are those in the West who are kind enough to keep in mind folks who are trying to climb out of their holes.

Long live the Internet.
Twitter / hro001: School boards & hospitals ...
School boards & hospitals (i.e. BC taxpayers) pay huge markup for carbon offsets, records show Legislated lunacy

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