Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bummer: After 2007, when British hedgehogs were facing cold-induced death blamed on global warming, they're now facing cold-induced death blamed on climate change

Freezing weather brings fresh perils for British wildlife
Britain's continued freezing weather is threatening ever greater numbers of wild animals, birds and insects across the country, experts have warned. The current cold spell – one of the longest on record – is particularly affecting creatures that are already struggling to survive the loss of their habitats and changes in climate.

Examples include the hedgehog, which has already suffered a devastating loss of numbers over the past three decades and is now badly affected by the cold weather.
2007:  Baby hedgehogs fall victim to global warming - Manchester Evening News
BABY hedgehogs are facing death this winter after becoming the latest victims of global warming. The mild weather meant many were born too late last year to mothers confused by the hedgehogs have not had enough time to put on the weight required to hibernate. And with the weather expected to turn colder over the next couple of months, preservation groups fear the hedgehogs could be under threat.

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