Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Central Europe, Scandinavia Brace For Worst March Temperature Plummet Since 1987!
Note how temperatures will plummet to under -10°C by next week. Meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt says the coming March temperature plummet will be the worst since 1987.
Twitter / Science_Factory: [Well-traveled planet-healer Michael Mann to take yet another completely unnecessary fossil-fueled trip to the west coast!]
Science Factory will bring prominent climatologist @MichaelEMann to Eugene for our 3rd Annual Scientifically Speaking Gala Event on May 30!
‘Ground Zero for Global Warming’? State of Alaska temperatures in 2012 refused to cooperate | Watts Up With That?
Fairbanks had the coldest year in the 21st century so far, and it was also the second coldest year in more than 40 years accroding to the data presented in this report below
- Bishop Hill blog - UK's "fuel low" indicator just came on
U.K. stores of natural gas, pushed to record lows by a dearth of tanker imports, will be exhausted in about two weeks unless temperatures rise, reducing demand for the heating fuel.
Twitter / Bora Zivkovic
Ha! Is this squealing or trolling? Not to mention he did not actually read my post, not his mental capacity... ;-)
Governor, senators differ on climate proposal | Environment News - The News Tribune
"This is an issue about pollution, plain and simple," Inslee said, referring to the discharge of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.
...Inslee allowed that "the Chinese, they are people of incredible mercantile ability" but said he views the country as a prime market for Washington state's eco-friendly products.
1970s Calgon "Ancient Chinese Secret" Commercial - YouTube

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